About Us

Demonstrating a new way of thinking and rewarding our partners, adjump network represents the next generation in affiliate networks. But before we can look ahead, we have to look back.

In 2005, adjump network’s parent company, CanadianSponsors.com was created by James Walker. This was the very first Performance-Based Advertising Network to focus solely on Canada and it proved to be a massive success. So much so, the decision was made to incorporate a more international focus. Guess what? The result was the same. It was hugely successful and paved the way for further corporate expansion to include both adjump media and adjump network.

At adjump network, our affiliates enjoy higher payouts, more exclusive top offers and receive an unparalleled level of support. Plus, we offer one of the very best payment plans in the industry. And with our powerful international reach of over 50 million consumers, advertisers can reach and target a whole new world of profits and online success. Our focus is your success. Nothing else matters. Contact Us now to learn more.

Our Team